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Paul Belzoni writing

Meet Author Paul Belzoni

Paul Belzoni treasure sleuth
Paul Belzoni lives in the South West of England and follows his two passions - treasure hunting and writing.  His first novel, The Secret of the Lighthouse, was inspired by his adventures pursuing the Spanish Armada at the seaside village of Hope Cove.

When he is not researching or writing, Paul can be found treasure hunting along the coasts or in woodland of the UK searching for lost hoards, buried vaults and long forgotten artifacts.  He has recovered numerous relics - rings, coins, brooches, gold and silver - from all time periods including Celtic, Roman, Tudor and Civil Wars.  One of his finds, a medieval silver-gilt dress accessory was declared treasure and is on display at the British Museum in London.

A self-confessed car nut, Paul loves all things fast and beautiful and enjoys spending time on the English roads in his Jaguar XKR.



author Paul Belzoni


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