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‘‘I am, by calling, a dealer in words;
and words are, of course,
the most powerful drug used by mankind.’’

Rudyard Kipling 

Good  and Welcome to the World of Mentem! 

Mentem is more than just publishing books.  It is about publishing possibilites.  Our minds determine our thoughts, our thoughts determine our feelings and our feelings determine our actions.  Our actions determine our character, and it is our character that ultimately determines our destiny.

Mentem is Latin for 'mind' which is the cornerstone of everything we produce.  Open your mind and you open yourself up to a new world of possibilities...

tuam apertum mentem



Treasure SleuthsMind PrimesLive Rich

Treasure Sleuths

Join Abi Hart and Joe Jameson on adventure with  the Historical Artifact Recovery Team - a specialist search and recovery service for unraveling ancient mysteries, looted archaeological artifacts and long-lost treasures.



Mind Primes

Based on scientific research, these highly effective audio programs will help to effortlessly rewrite the scripts in your brain helping you towards more positive, successful patterns of thought and behavior.



Live Rich

Lost for over 80 years, this incredible 12 volume self-development course is a gold-mine of proven practical success strategies, brought back to life and now available once again.